Nu Tech Software Solutions, Inc. established 1995.

Founded April 6th 1995 by Sean Mathews and Raven Winter Nu Tech has a long proven track record of helping businesses with complex data management and processing problems by providing robust software and hardware solutions in a timely manner.

Nu Tech has expanded its focus to a variety of web and database orientated software solutions as well as reasonable hardware solutions for businesses and corporations. Our goal is to provide e-commerce, database, hardware and support, in short a complete solution.

At the core of its business proposition are two of the nation's most explosive growth industries: Internet software consulting and commercial hardware systems. Corporations can gain a competitive advantage in their chosen markets by successfully providing complete solutions. Internet and corporate professionals can direct their needs to one vendor for a solution instead of many. This reduces confusion between project aspects and simplifies the job of the project management team.

Raven Winter - President and CEO

Sean Mathews - Vice President and CTO