Nu Tech Software Solutions, Inc. established 1995.

From servers to workstations and beyond! Nu Tech has over 20 years of experience building solutions to meet your demands and improve your business operations. If you are in need of a simple file server, new networking equipment, or a custom hardware project - we are here to meet your need.

Do you need a custom electrical process control solution? Do you need to interface with current systems? Nu Tech has all the tools necessary to design, create, and deploy any custom circuit for signaling and process control. Check out AlarmDecoder for some of the interface devices we have built to connect your security system to your computer systems.

Are you looking for development on embedded platforms? We have experience with Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone Black, Arduino, as well as Windows embedded - let us look at your project and see where we can help. We have plenty of Case Studies that showcase work we have done in the past for clients.

We are also a certified SignalHound Custom Applications and Embedded Control System developer.

The core of what Nu Tech does is the creation of software solutions to complex problems. Our engineering team has the experience your company needs to do the job right. We work with a variety of software including: C, C++, C#, PHP, Python, Perl, and much more. Windows, Linux, Mac OSX or any embedded platform suits us just fine.

From simple websites, website extensions, or full software products - we have the resources and know-how to complete your project to your specification.

Some of our Case Studies will showcase some of the previous work we have done for clients. We offer robust software solutions for many types of businesses. From part and lot tracking with our flag ship QCDTrace product to our daycare video monitoring software. We are also happy to support the Open Source community with some software packages we have released for use with our hardware devices.

Let us know how we can write software for you!

Reduce the business risk of recall:
  • Avoid shipping units with material or process issues.
  • Clearly identify specific units that need to be recalled.
Provide management the essential tools to control and optimize the production process:
  • Comprehensive data on people, process, and materials that allow effective problem-solving.
  • Online, real-time alerts and reports so problems are addressed within minutes.
Improve quality and efficiency with automated process control:
  • Allow only certified people to do specific production tasks.
  • Allow units to be processed only if preceding tasks were completed correctly.
  • Captures results from assembly and test systems without impacting production throughput.
Nu Tech is a strategic partner for your business:
  • In-depth experience in the design and improvement of production processes.
  • Provides a system that is the best of both worlds- custom code and packaged software.
  • Expertise in the development, implementation, and support of information technologies.
Cost of ownership is minimal:
  • Most areas use automated in-line scanners, hand scanning is used if needed.
  • Master data is downloaded from ERP, some specific data such as employee certifications and lot track flags are maintained in Trace.
  • Maintenance of barcode scanning and printing equipment.

Trace is fundamentally an automated data collection and tracking system, but with process know-how built in to the database logic. Products are labeled (barcode, RFID, etc) with a unique serial number and then are tracked through the production process and shipping as needed. As the product is assembled, Trace captures lot data and serialization data for the parts being added to the core product. Trace also tracks the names of the certified personnel performing the production tasks, as well as pass/fail and other results from testing and other automated equipment.

Along with passively tracking the detailed results, Trace is actively checking and verifying that production is proceeding as expected- that all personnel are certified for their tasks, that the product is moving through production in the right sequence and without missing any steps, that all test results are positive, that any defects or test failures are handled correctly. If Trace's validation logic finds a problem, it will not allow the unit to continue in production, and will generate email or other alerts as needed. In a very efficient manner, Trace ensures that the products shipped are built and tested correctly, and all materials and people involved are recorded for every unit produced.

The information technologies used to develop and operate Trace are state of the art but not bleeding edge. The servers are Intel-based, Windows 2000 machines with warm failover and hardware redundancy; the clients are small, locked-down units configured specifically for production environments. Trace is developed in Microsoft Visual Basic and SQL Server which provides a system that is both reliable and easily adapted to your requirements. The system is very fast for both transaction processing and data retrieval.

  • Product serialization and labeling
  • Lot setup, labeling, and tracking
  • Part setup and tracking (track serialized parts on serialized products)
  • Test system integration and records capture
  • Process validation and alerts
  • Packing, palletizing, and shipping tracking
  • End-user reporting and ad hoc querying
  • Web interface for offsite/customer/supplier usage is available
  • Integration with SAP, ManManX/Mk, AX, and other ERP systems.

Trace is a robust and refined system that has been tested and proven over the past ten years. Some significant implementations:

NEC America's Hillsboro site from 1989 through 2002, Trace was used to track and control production for all divisions, from hi and mixed low volume Telecom to hi-volume Automotive business units.

Elesys North America's (primarily Honda owned) automotive electronics production started using Trace early in 2004 as a mission-critical system for their Georgia manufacturing facility.

Nu Tech has been at the forefront of E-Commerce since the inception of the idea. With over 20 years of experience on end to end E-Commerce solutions, you can trust that Nu Tech will give the best solution for your need. Whether it needs High Availability to reach wide audiences reliably, or is a small start-up, Nu Tech has a solution for you. With different custom shopping cart modules in many different languages, we will support your current platform, or do something from ground work. The options are limitless.

We at Nu Tech have supported many off-the-shelf shopping carts, including osCommerce, VirtueMart, as well as hand-rolled shopping carts with different languages including ASP, Java, PHP and more. Contact us and we can provide the payment processing solutions you are looking for.

For an example of our shopping cart work, please visit the Alarm Decoder Store.

Nu Tech also provides gateway services if a whole shopping cart solution is not needed. If you have a shopping cart, and just need to process transactions contact us for a quote.

Nu Tech's Team has been working with databases for over 20 years. If you need help with the latest multi-tier web application or an old parts database running in DOS we can handle it.

Nu Tech has designed systems based upon Microsoft SQL Server for 24/7 manufacturing plants where any downtime can mean costly JIT penalties. We have optimized and made highly available multiple MySQL web facing applications. Created an entire Sales & Order system based on Access with Excel reports for a multi-national sales force. Built numerous accounting, cash register, student registrar, and business intelligence applications. Created big data storage systems using NoSQL technologies such as MongoDB.

  • High Availability
  • Replication
  • Optimization
  • Normalization (sensible)
  • Up Conversion
  • Maintenance
  • Problem Remediation

Relational Databases
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL (MySQL, Percona, MariaDB)
  • PostgreSQL

NoSQL Databases
  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • Riak

File Based Databases
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft FoxPro
  • DBase IV
  • Paradox
  • SQLite

The increase in popularity of the Internet has risen significantly over the last few years. With that come users that are interested in your products, but also those that would rather break it. That, and the steady increase in attacker sophistication, makes it vital that precautions are taken to avoid compromises of your systems.

Some common issues we can help with are: SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting, Buffer Overflows, XPath Injection.

Nu Tech has been developing software for over 20 years and understands the importance of security when it comes to software applications.

Along with software security, we also provide network security. We have specialized Managed Firewalls we can install at your location to secure your network from external AND internal threats. We also can provide VPN services to provide security while allowing remote workers.